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Case Studies

Voice Controlled Side Project



Check out a side project ive been working Using machine learning/ artificial intelligence we control a security system thru voice commands

You can find my code here 


In this video I demonstrate how I control my home security cameras using voice, as well as how to control my computers browser to do youtube searches and internet searches




We build a TV Channel

Thru the "Makers Network" project we bring our ninja internet skills to traditional TV broadcasting, by creating our very own TV channel on the ROKU network of 40 Million subscribers.

Rather than paying for advertising, with appealing content there's potential to get paid for marketing your brand.

We also believe that viewers are also more open to advertising when watching TV in there homes. Content can also be created to sell products indirectly.

ROKU provides a lot of flexibility and options in terms of advertising on the channel. We can help come up with a proper strategy.

Combating Robocalls with Robo-Bouncer


In this case study we bring our internet skills to traditional telecommunications, in a project we dubbed the RoboBouncer. RoboBouncer is a bot that screens your phone voice phone calls by asking for the user to speak there name, it then calls you plays the recording and provides you with an option to accept or reject the call.


With full programmatic control of call handling, the possibilities the internet brings to traditional calling are endless.  We have set up phone IVR systems (Company Directories), Lead Transfer Systems to High Volume outbound calling.

To test out the RoboBouncer you can call our phone number (949)446-1716

After popular demand we made a commercial version that automates the deployment of a RoboBouncer. Click here to create your own RoboBouncer

For the technically inclined we have posted the code and info at BitBucket 



Creating a telephone call screening service using Twilio

The Call Flow

-Caller calls your Twilio Number. The agent will ask the caller to speak there name and record it. Then place the caller in enquene (Inbound Call) -Using Twilio REST API initiate an (outbound call), from your Twilio Number to your personal phone number. Plays the recording, and presents you with the following options:

Press 1 (DTMF) or Say Accept (SpeechResult) -connects the call to Caller using Dial Queue Verbs -OR- Press 2 (DTMF) or say Reject (SpeechResult) ->Using REST API we notify the caller and end the call enqueue and hang up our call

Uses TWIML API and Twilio Voice API PHP SDK

Uses Queue https://www.twilio.com/docs/voice/api/queue-resource and EnQueue to place caller on hold. Could use Conference verb as well instead of Enqueue, just replace Enqueue with Conference for more options

Follow this wonderful guide to set up your free twilio account, get a phone number and your API SID and Token https://www.twilio.com/docs/voice/quickstart/php

Dont forget to assign the webhook step1.xml (or if you use TWIMLBIN select the twimlbin URL) to your twilio phone number

Setting up a webserver isnt necessary. Use Twilios TWIMLBin for the XML files and "Functions" for the PHP files (convert logic to Javascript the IVR Menu example is a good starting blueprint) -I would suggest loading the XML files into TWIMLBIN let Twilio host the files so you dont have too, and if your capable Twilio Functions for the server side Code

Is your account info compromised?

We've curated over 1.5 Billion hacked credentials (username and passwords) from the internet and the "Deep Web/Dark Web" (aka the internet underground) , our trove of data now totalling over 40 Gigs (appx 13000 songs on an Mp3 Player). Suffice it to say, typical web programming techniques can't carry the weight.

We hope you find this functional demonstration useful and informative, we were quite surprised to find a couple of our own accounts were compromised, to prevent abuse we can only show you a portion of the password. **We hate SPAM email addresses provided will not be redistributed.