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KPI has a large inventory of technical products, they were seeking to replace there outdated static website with a database driven application so they could add and manage products themselves as well as provide there customers with a way to search and compare between products and generate leads from online inquires. We worked closely with KPIs inhouse design team to turn there mock-ups into a functional website.

Advanced Search Capabilites

KPI has a large inventory of products and wanted to provide there customers with the ability to provide advanced search capabilities. Therefore it was important for us to outline a structure to categorize the products and there relationships.

Product Details

KPI staff is able to upload video and images for each product, as well as add indexed technical specifications that can be used for search and comparison functionality

Product Comparison ENgine

Session driven "side by side" comparison engine allows there customers to compare technical specifications on multiple products as they browse the site. The comparison engine is also able to validate to ensure that only products of the same category can be compared.

Personalized inquiry forms

Personalized multi-step product inquiry forms, will ensure that KPI's new website visitors are engaged, will be more effective at increasing sales

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Native West

Native West is a start up sustainable landscape company with multiple departments onsite and offsite from sales to construction.  Here are just a few examples of how we used web technology to streamline there workflow.


As you can see in this is a screenshot, from an ambiguous term of "native" search, our site is not only on top, but we received 6 additional sub links, organically providing preference to the our domain in the search results.

Native West SEO Results

Project Management


Became the centralized backbone, connecting multiple remote departments, managing the entire order fullfillment workflow

Web based Phone SYstem


Integrated with Twilio, securely accessible from anywhere with customizable phone call flow control. 

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Expanding Possibilities

Internet technology is expanding its reach beyond just web pages, below are working projects for which exemplify our ability to tap into other technologies, and bringing your business the most the internet has to offer.

Voice Controlled Side Project

Check out our voice controlled side project. We use Raspberry PI with a Voice HAT to create a voice controlled security system, and youtube search and internet search.

We build a TV Channel

A quick demonstration of a ROKU channel we created called the "makers network", lots of potential to earn additional revenue and increase your brands exposure

Combating Robocalls with Robo-Bouncer

We hate Robocalls, so we developed RoboBouncer, a bot to defend against unknown callers and Robocalls. We have a commercial version available and made the source code available for those that would like to DIY

Is your account info compromised?

Let us show you we know how to handle large data sets, by searching our HUGE database of over 1.5 billion hacked (40 Gigs+) username and passwords to see if your personal accounts have been compromised.

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