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Voice Controlled Side Project



Check out a side project ive been working Using machine learning/ artificial intelligence we control a security system thru voice commands

You can find my code here 


In this video I demonstrate how I control my home security cameras using voice, as well as how to control my computers browser to do youtube searches and internet searches




Artificial Intelligence threatens most jobs

I learned about machine learning “artificial intelligence” recently. The titans of the internet today google, apple, Microsoft, and amazon have been publishing Developer API to start using these services. I had a free moment yesterday, I took the time to wrap my mind around the API, to make a living in freelance its our responsibility to remain relative. Only to be greeted by the grim reaper of human skill, An all to familiar adversary, onto the road to sustainable success/wealth in this life.

From my research, I realized, Artificial Intelligence exist, computers can generate there own code. This shall deprecate the many programming languages, into a consolidated object oriented language, and shortly there after typing will not be necessary, I suspect at which time we’ll have truly “smart” devices that are aware of your intentions as well as other devices.

I got into programming because thought it would be a good skill for the long term. Granted it has treated me well, The deprecation of my trade means the deprecation of a majority of modern trades.  Simply put, Soon all work will be replaced by machines.

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