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Insecure Password

Why you should be concerned that we guessed your password:

Simply, your account information was hacked. and has been posted online. 

How did we guess your password?
We didn’t, unfortunately your account credentials have been hacked and the information is floating around in the web.

What should you do?
Immediately change all your passwords associated with the email account provided. Be sure to use a strong password.

Why arent you showing the entire password?
To prevent abuse of our system. As those with nefarious purposes can use the tool to take advantage of vulnerable accounts.

Where is the data coming from?
We’ve curated over 1.5 Billion hacked credentials (username and passwords) from the internet and the “Deep Web/Dark Web” (aka the internet underground)

To provide a useful example to our end users of our ability to deal with extraordinary large datasets. Our trove of data now totalling over 40 Gigs (appx 13000 songs on an Mp3 Player), typical web programming techniques can’t carry the weight.

We hope you find this functional demonstration useful and informative, we were quite surprised to find a couple of our own accounts were compromised, to prevent abuse we can only show you a portion of the password. **We hate SPAM email addresses provided will not be redistributed.

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