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Shared Hosting

Sharing Address with many others – In shared hosting 1 address could be shared by thousands of other domains. Shared hosting is like sharing a large building, and you have a room and share all the remaining amenities with everyone else.

Increased Hack Vulnerability – If criminal breaks into the building, he would have acccess to your personal belongings as well.

Limited control of Digital Assets – You are renting your space from someone else, and simply storing your personal belongings there, in a dispute the landlord could withhold your personal belongs.

Guilty by Association – The more people that share your IP, you could by deemed guilty by association, if your neighbors are using there domain for nefarious purposes or sex offenders.

Costly Moving – When your ready to move out, you will have to pay for professional movers, some building are not move out friendly.

Technical Perception – Search Engines are able to discern sites on shared accounts versus dedicated

Unfeathered Control over your digital assets

Dedicated Address You have your own dedicated address

Security Minimal Public access limits your properties exposure to criminals

Status – Search Engines and future investors will take your more seriously

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