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Proof, hardware is on its way out

As indicated in the video about Foxconn the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, software technology such as the cloud, is overtaking the need for hardware.

The final destination of your previously enjoyed cassette players and pagers, keyboards and mouses shall soon follow, and right behind it is the actual device your looking at right now.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are buying the latest in hardware technology, so you don’t have to. Imagine not having to buy each new employee a computer, and instead leasing a virtual desktop for which there’s minimal upfront cost no commitments, priced at a rate upon actual useage time? As a start up business this can greatly reduce your initial start up cost.

The above scenario is now a tried and true reality that any business can implement right now. In fact we’ve been doing just that for our clients. The internet based technology is the future , swallowing up entire industries like a merciless dictator treats a nonconformist.

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